Manchester Central retains top sustainable status with new initiatives PDF Print E-mail

Manchester Central has announced a range of new green initiatives after retaining its position asmanchester_central one of the most sustainable major venues in the UK. The North of England’s leading events, exhibition and conference venue has been reaccredited for ISO 20121 – the international standard for sustainability. It first was awarded the status in January 2013, following a year of sustainable measures that included reducing energy bills, recycling food waste and changing team behaviour.

Following its success, Manchester Central has now unveiled its new initiatives for this year. These include: _ Undertaking free Event Sustainability Reports for clients. These reports will give clients a full break-down of the energy use of their event, as well as the waste created. It will provide an event carbon footprint, which clients can use as a benchmark to become more sustainable in the future _ A new smart metering system launch. This will give the venue real time 24/7 information on energy waste in every space within the building.

Through careful monitoring substantial energy savings are set to be made Angie Robinson, Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted to retain our ISO 20121 status. We became one of the first major venues to receive this accreditation in January 2013 and since then we have continued our sustainable journey. “Initiatives over the last 12 months, such as our roof-top herb garden and our electric vehicle charging points, are ensuring we are living and breathing sustainability. “Over the next 12 months, we will focus on working with our customers to ensure we are sustainable together. To do this we must consider the whole customer journey and look at where sustainable improvements can be made.

“The Sustainable Event Reports are yet another way that we can add value for customers, in what would otherwise have been a paid for service. The reports will allow clients to benchmark their carbon footprint and reduce it in future years. “The smart metering project will give us a real time detailed breakdown of energy use in every space of Manchester Central. We reduced our energy bill by more than 30% in 2013, saving more than £100,000 in the process. These initiatives will help us to reduce energy use even further.”