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Assembling a Merlin car turntable from Movetech UK has been made easier with a new video now available on YouTube.

From unpacking the crate, assembling the turntable to positioning the car on the unit, the YouTube video also shows ways in which the revolve can be used - in the showroom, at exhibitions or at outdoor events and on the forecourt.

With its availability from anywhere and at any time when there's an internet connection, the video will therefore enable users of the Merlin to access these vital instructions whenever they need them.

The Merlin car turntable is said to be the popular choice for anyone needing a cost-effective way of displaying a car in its best light to attract customers. Discretely positioned under the car's wheels, the Merlin is virtually invisible in operation, allowing a vehicle to turn as if by magic. Should anything or anyone get in the way of the revolving car, the unit simply stops until the obstruction is removed.

Designed to rotate the majority of contemporary vehicles, it is highly portable, easy to use and easy to install. It can be easily transported from one venue to another and can operate from the car's own 12v battery to avoid trailing wires when used in outdoor locations or when power points are not readily available.

The Merlin is one of a number of revolves that Movetech UK, as part of the British Turntable Group, has designed specifically for sale or rental to the automotive market. Other models include the full platform Olympian turntable and a range of revolving stages from 1m - 33m in diameter for single or multiple vehicle display.

With a high quality UK manufacturing base and over 50 years’ experience in designing and engineering car show room turntables, Movetech UK's revolves are reliable and smooth in operation whether for short term rental or outright purchase, says the company.

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