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greener festival awards46 festivals across the UK, Europe, Australia and North America have been awarded the prestigious Greener Festival Award for their green efforts in reducing their environmental impact 2011.

The Awards are made by environmental campaign and advice group A Greener Festival and to achieve the Award each festival must complete a detailed 53 part questionnaire, submit relevant information such as a carbon footprint, traffic plans and waste and recycling management schemes.

They also need to have an independent environmental audit to complete the Awards scheme.

Organisers said they were extremely pleased with the results which took place against “very difficult financial pressures in some parts of the festivals sector” and “challenging summer weather” in both hemispheres.

Ben Challis, Co-founder of A Greener Festival said: “One highlight was the real reduction in car use at many festivals as people swapped to coaches, trains, shared cars or even cycled.

“A downside was the thousands and thousands of tents ands other perfectly reusable camping equipment left behind at festivals in the UK – what a mess and what a waste”. The Awards scheme is sponsored by Robertson Taylor who specialise in insurance for live events and the music industry.

The winners of the Greener Festival Award 2011 are:

  • Croissant Neuf Summer Party (England)
  • Falls Festival, Lorne, Victoria (Australia)
  • Falls Festival, Marion Bay, Tasmania (Australia)
  • Isle of Wight Festival (England)
  • Lightening in a Bottle (USA)
  • Oya Festival (Norway)
  • Peats Ridge (Australia)
  • Shambala (England)
  • Sunrise Celebration (England)
  • We Love Green (France)
  • Wood (England)
  • Woodford Festival (Australia)
Highly commended
  • Bestival (England)
  • Bonnaroo (USA)
  • Co-operative Cambridge Folk Festival (England)
  • Glastonbury Festival (England)
  • Grassroots (Jersey)
  • Lollopalooza (USA)
  • Malmo Festival (Sweden)
  • Island Vibe (Australia)
  • SOS 4:8 (Spain)